‘Bristol is a great place to be at the moment’ – We catch up with Rough Trade Bristol’s Marie

Marie Rough Trade Bristol

The reincarnation of Rise Records and latest addition to the Rough Trade family, RT Bristol opened its doors in December 2017. Contributing to our Women of Rough Trade series, Sales Assistant Marie talked to us about her desert island discs, dream in-stores, and gave a little insight into her eclectic music taste…

Tell us about your role at Rough Trade; what does your typical day look like?

Aside from overcaffeinating myself all day and asking customers if they would like a bag, I do all sorts of things. It can be walking around the shop putting records in the racks, or sorting out new releases. Or somedays it is more events based, so I will end up holding the doors for bands who load in before an instore, or do some promotion online, or even working at the bar on busy nights. I guess my typical day looks like a swiss knife.

If you could have any band or artist play in store, who would you choose?

Jarvis Cocker and Rachel Goswell in an ABBA tribute band.

Or more realistically I am a big fan of Roxanne Clifford (from Veronica Falls)’s new synth pop project Patience and I’m really looking forward to hear a whole LP, and having her playing it in store would be great. Or Sharon Van Etten. That would be nice too.

How is Rough Trade encouraging more women into its stores?

Rough Trade is a record shop and I wouldn’t say that it has to or even does encourage women into its stores. If there are more women collecting records or DJ’ing these days I guess it comes from an evolution in the relationship between women and music. But Rough Trade is just a plain canvas in the equation.

What’s your favourite thing about the music scene in Bristol?

It’s eclecticism, all the amazing people that are constantly making exciting things. Bristol is a great place to be at the moment!

If you went to live on a desert island, which 3 records would you pack?

Typical System by Total Control, Psychocandy by the Jesus and Mary Chain, and the Best Of ABBA that I got for Christmas when I was a kid.

But also do I get to pack a record player? Or is it a desert island that includes a record player? Because if not I could choose records because of their artwork to decorate instead.

Which female musicians are you loving most right now?

I am still not tired of Kelly Lee Owens’ album, although I must have had listened to it a million times.
I could just name drop a few things really: Fazerdaze, Marie Davidson, Carla dal Forno, Molly Nilsson, Amber Arcades, Gabriella Cohen… just to name a few artists.

What are your tips for 2018? Any new artists we should know about?

Well I’m looking forward to see Drahla again. They are touring with Ought and I was well impressed with the Kim Gordon-esque aura of Luciel Brown.

There are also amazing artists in Bristol you should also know about like EBU, Wych Elm, The Ornsteins, Edward Penfold…

I come from France and there is also cool stuff happening on the other side of the Channel. Check out La Houle, they released they first LP a few weeks ago on Beko Disques and it sounds great!

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