‘We have a badass crew of ladies that work here’ – 5 mins with Sarah & Jill of Rough Trade NYC

Rough Trade NYC

Up next in our Women of Rough Trade series – Sarah and Jill from Rough Trade NYC talk us through their typical day, what they love most about New York’s diverse music scene, and the artists we should be listening to this year…

Tell us about your role at Rough Trade; what does your typical day look like?

Sarah: Every day is different (which is one of my favourite aspects of my job), depending on events/announces/etc., but my title is Digital Marketing Assistant. Along with Jill, I work on all of our socials, website upkeep, pre-orders, giveaways, announces and the events themselves.

Jill: I’m the Head of Marketing and Events for Rough Trade in New York, so I head up our marketing, pr, events, US partnerships, and such here. Because my position is so multifaceted, the day to day varies quite a bit, which to me is what makes it so special. One day is all about upcoming records, preorders, exclusives, and the next is setting up a Gorillaz in-store. It’s all pretty full on.

If you could have any band or artist play in store, who would you choose?

S: Florence + the Machine, harp and all – hands down.

J: I actually feel very lucky because a few of my favourite bands have already played the shop since I’ve worked here, but if Radiohead could play here, that would be pretty special.

How is Rough Trade encouraging more women into its stores?

S: Rough Trade is a female-welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. We have many women on staff, book many female-fronted in-stores, and make sure that female artists are equally played and represented in our co-op / marketing booking, and on our socials…

J: We do push a lot a female artists and put on a lot of events with female artists, but honestly mostly because there are just so many women making amazing music right now. And we try to talk about that facet of quality of music versus gender, because gender has nothing to do with it, these women just crush and that’s exciting. Plus, we just have a really badass crew of ladies that work here.

What’s your favourite thing about the music scene in New York?

S: The diversity. There is always a show to see, a new venue to check out. New York has so many options that there is never a day where my calendar is completely empty. Music is truly alive here and every genre is represented.

J: Everyone comes to New York! And often artists put on some of their more avant-garde shows here. It’s incredibly fun having access to see all these incredible shows just by the nature of being here, if not occasionally exhausting (for me).

If you went to live on a desert island, which 3 records would you pack?

S: Tusk – Fleetwood Mac, Ceremonials – Florence + the Machine and The River – Bruce Springsteen.

J: Guy Clark – Boats to Build, Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, John Prine, John Prine.

Which female musicians are you loving most right now?

S: HAIM, noname, Florence + the Machine (obviously), SZA, H.E.R., The Aces, Jade Bird, LEON, EERA, LP, RAYBLK.

J: I just saw Phoebe Bridgers, and I really loved her performance. I’m also a fan of Courtney Barnett, Caitlin Rose, Sharon Van Etten, Bedouine, Angel Olsen, then Patti Smith, Joni Mitchell and Stevie Nicks are all time favourites. That’s a hard category to narrow down.

What are your tips for 2018? Any new artists we should know about?

S: As far as female artists to keep on your radar: noname, H.E.R., Jade Bird, LEON, + RAYBLK

J: Check out Shame and Pearl Charles.

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